Saturday, March 1, 2008

Japanese Toilet, note: control panel

This is the coolest. I have seen toilets all over the world, but this one my travelers is the best. Lift the lid and a subdued light glows from the back allowing you to guide yourself properly in the night. Flip the switch and the seat is warmed; it is best to do this in anticipation of that late night visit. One button cleans the bum, the other button cleans the entire underside, a dial allows this cleaning to be performed at different levels of water pressure intensity. The red button is "stop." Yes. I spent some time with this toilet. Fabulous.


The Fool said...

Thanks for the memories. I taught in Japan for a spell (Sapporo), and did a bicycle jaunt through old Japan (Maizuru-Kyoto-Nara-Ise and back again).

The modern Japanese toilet is a wonder. Pushing the wrong button always brings a surprise. My first encounter with one was very Chaplinesque. Many of their toilets also have sinks on top, so that the refill water flows through that first (to conserve water...wash your hands with the water before it fills the

Now, as for those rural unisex bathrooms with the holes in the floor...I will reserve comment.

I also enjoyed sitting down to shower (at the public bathes, shower heads are at waist height and a stool is provided)...and their traditional bathes (unlike that pictured here), are a delight! Hot water you can sit in up to your neck! Oh yeah...soaking in the tub has a whole different meaning.

I am surprised that some of the Japanese design features have still not made it into American bathrooms. Then again...they've been miles ahead of us on recycling for quite some time.

Angela said...

Ah....interesting. Now: find me one that will hand me a magazine while simultaneously pouring me a milkshake, and I'll consider personally investing in one.