Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Air Traffic Control Towers

This is how he MW saw Bankok 12 hours after having left LHR. He knows I have a collection of ATCTs and that I adore hearing from him on his travels as well. He is one of the few people I know who spends as much time away from home as I do. His home is just on a different continent. He watched a movie, fell asleep, watched another movie and TADA! he was in Bankok. Unfortunately, there was a mechanical problem. They have to completely unload the plane, and then spray it or something, before they let it go to Australia. He was tired. It isn't a great picture, but the thought; the thought counts for a lot today.
Later, much later, and three hours late he arrives in Sydney. This is one of the coolest ATCT in the world. Note the SPIRAL staircase. The photo is a gem in itself. The sky is crashing light like a scary movie and although totally in color all we see is black and white. He tells me he had to lean over other passengers to get the shot. What a guy!
Now ATCTs are something he knows about. He once was a pilot, after he was a chef and before he was an international man of mystery. I am honored my little collection has these two pics in it. And to think I was going to post the ATCT from BWI today. Ok, I'll do that one too. But it is totally hokey next to these sublime examples of airport art. It will have to wait a while, as I wouldn't want to spoil these delightful specimens.
Bon Voyage MW - enjoy down under.

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