Thursday, October 18, 2007

Communication breakdown.

I'm convinced that great big light in the morning sky rising in the east is a lazy Mercury.  It lags in perspective to the Earth's movement and so is 'retrograde.'  The newly alone mom and worker needs an extra hour in the morning these days; my body clock perversly wakes me before the alarm.  The dog gets walked in the dark, while the hot planet causes mischief.

I have a close friend who calls me from BOS (Logan Airport) seated on a plane on her way to Paris to tell me that she is engaged.  She leaves me this message on my voice mail.  Mercury made sure I wouldn't hear this first hand. I missed this call by seconds.

Another friend's mobile phone has a nervous breakdown and talking on his BB is like trying to talk over 2 tin cans and wet string.  I call the Paris apartment he is lodged atand the phone gets so hot he can't hold it to his ear. I'm jonesing for conversation.

My 7:00 AM con call dies in a tunnel and and my assistant can't conference me in to ANYONE.  The drive feels like a waste.

Working all day I find myself backing out of conversations as my words twist and transpose on their way out of my mouth.   My advice is skewed, my warnings lame, my stories fall flat and all because the orbits of average little planets in an average little solar system aren't dancing in rhythm to the tune of our view.

Note to self: get an ephemeris and mark retrogrades in Outlook.


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