Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tempus Fugit

A blessed weekend, yes, it was, thankfully and gratefully. The trip from NYC to BOS was by car and long and rainy and full of waiting for more cars to snake their way north than could possibly have fit on the road going more than 20 miles an hour.

My big sister drove.

So a visit from sis, who lives in the same house, in the same town we grew up in, sis, who waves to her neighbors on Sunday in church, sis, who despairs at her daughter's attire, sis, who hasn't come up to my home in over five years, braves the weather, braves the traffic, braves her daughter's choice of clothing, and braves my tough and gritty hood to pay a visit.

I am exhausted.

I can travel from TGL (Berlin) to HKG to LHR to BOS with less stress than this little trip.

We drove, we stopped, we ate, we drove, we slept, we ate, we went to a tourist attraction, we visited a sick relative we drove we ate we drove we slept. She went to church with the kids, I ran with the dog on the coast.

"Father Wayne said that people who don't come to church don't aspire to heaven." she says over an omlette at Angela's.

"Heaven is the ocean crashing against the rocks, spraying me with salty bits sea. God's majesty speaks to me from every drop. I don't need to aspire to heaven. The kingdom of heaven is at hand."

I slurp coffee.

Her daughter smirks at me. My son rolls his eyes.

Sis loves me huge. She says "hmf."

Nothing got done. The laundry is piled high, the groceries were still on the shelf at the store, the presentation to the CEO was still raw, unseasoned, uncooked, the bills were disordered, unread, the blog was quiet.

She left on Monday and I collapsed. Precious few minutes left to the weekend. The time flew by and nothing got done. I couldn't do anything.

She told me my house is cluttered. She worried for my soul. She cooked me the most fabulous french toast for breakfast. She listened to my worries and counseled me with the best intentions. She even drank beer with me.

Tempus fugit. My little world invaded, time slipped, my goals reordered, my soul exercised, my patience tested, my love given a new puzzle between my sis and my niece. My heart grew. The chores can wait.


Me said...

I remember....so well during my divorce..just me and one dog, no son to take care of, how the house was in a similar state....and I just couldn't bring myself to it.

How about I come over Saturday morning after our run and help out with the kitchen and laundry? :) I can do a couple of loads, clean up the kitchen a bit, you can do the bills. Accept help when it's offered. ;) Take it. I barely like doing my own laundry.

BOSLady said...

its a deal!
thanks for the help. I accept with humble thanks.